Monday, July 30, 2012

QOTW: How Do I use rainchecks to extend deals?

I do this all the time for CVS and Walgreens! ( And target does it too!) 
  1. When you Find a Product is Out of Stock Ask for a Raincheck! This is a good idea regardless of what the deal is, because you may find a high value coupon at a later date or a Reward like ECBs or Register Rewards that you can stack with the raincheck.
  2. Save Your Coupons and wait for the Product to come back in stock
  3. When purchasing the item present the Raincheck at the beginning of the transaction, some stores need to price modify as they ring up the items to match your raincheck price
  4. At the end of the transaction use your coupons like normal!
Using rain-checks is very simple at most stores but it’s something a lot of people do not think to use!

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