Thursday, July 26, 2012

Target's Clearance Schedule

1. Pay attention while you are shopping and see which departments are getting marked down
2. Ask an employee. I find the employees actually marking down items are more helpful than the cashiers.
  • MONDAY: Kids Clothing, Stationary Items, Electronics, Baby
  • TUESDAY: Domestics, Food, Women’s Clothing, Pets
  • WEDNESDAY: Men’s Clothing, Toys, Health and Beauty, Lawn and Garden
  • THURSDAY: Housewares, Shoes, Lingerie, Sporting Goods, Music, Movies, Books, Decor, Luggage
  • FRIDAY: Auto, Cosmetics, Hardware, Jewelry
If the store is busy they may not be able to get to the mark downs until late in the day.
You can call and ask to speak to someone in the department you are interested in.  Ask them if they are doing markdowns.  I usually do this during the post-holiday toy sales just so I don’t waste a trip.
Baby Clearance: January and July typically offer massive clearance throughout the baby department. In my experience, July is amazing as there seems to be fewer shoppers.
Toy Clearance: July and October are the clearance events at Target andWalmart for toys- and of course we have already seen post- Christmas clearance. Fewer people are thinking Christmas in July than in October so you have a better shot at the best deals.

JUST FYI NOW is the time to hit up target for up to 70% off toys!

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Ashley H. said...

and if you go to targets website and print out their coupons they have $3 off one merona item, and basically most brands right now.. its a really good deal.. along with other coupons!