Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crafty Creative Wednesday!!

I found this idea on pintrest.. and it lead me to the blog  Whats Scrapping..... OMG this is so cute!!

I am saving it in my mind for the right time!

How to:
First, I painted the edges of the largest lid red. Second, I stacked the lid, the second largest box, and the smallest box together. Use your glue gun to keep all of them in place. Third, I added the crayons and placed a rubber band to hold them in place. You can glue them down but I wanted the boxes to come off easily so I did NOT glue them, the rubber band held them in place. For the next tier, I added the glue sticks and again used a rubber band to hold them together. On the top tier, I covered a kleenex box with one sheet of ABC paper. I glued the box to the center and then added the Elmers glue bottles around the Kleenex box and held them with a rubber band. Each tier was then covered with a red ribbon, a mini binder clip and a small accent of black and white polka dot ribbon for fun. I used black paint to cover the rectangle square and let it dry. Finally, I glued the yellow star and blackboard to bamboo skewers and wrote the teacher's name and grade. I placed them on top as decorative accents. It's the perfect Back to School Supply Cake for any classroom! Thank you for looking, Simply Create Designs by Denise. 

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