Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Frugal Chicks Fan of the Week: Ashley Hughes

We are also adding Ashley as an admin to our Facebook page!!! Here is all about Ashley!

I'm a stay at home mom and I have been for 7 years! I've loved every minute of it! I was able to catch her walking the first time on video and after that moment I knew I wanted to be a SAHM as long as financially possible. My husband and I have been married for 7 years together almost 8. We are a "racing" family in which he races at Kingsport Speedway and other local track and spots for some drivers as well. Myself, I love video games... that's probably something NO one but my close friends know on facbeook... But I'm Gamer.. There I said it.. For all kinds of people to read.. I feel better.. I never speak of it because.. well I don't know many other moms that do and that's I guess frowned upon LOL. My main love is Beauty products. I make youtube videos on my favorite items, I do reviews for companies and Haul videos! I make money as well from being a youtuber! 

My favorite place to shop:
I can only pick one? If I just must pick one then it would be Target.. I get so much good stuff on clearance its crazy! My next would be ROSS.. even though I cannot use coupons there I have found essie nail polish for dirt cheap as well as expensive hair products cheap.. I use to LOVE T.J MAXX, I still do.. however I have found some of the same things at ROSS for cheaper...

Why I love the frugal chicks!
Well, I have not had the opportunity to meet any of you in person sadly... However I cannot remember exactly how I came across you ladies on facebook but I'm glad I did.. It's great to find locals that will have the same deals..
I love how you update the page all through out the day with great finds and great coupons. You all are always responding to post and questions and thats nice. I've asked questions on others about deals and deals are expired by the time i get a message back or comment back! There is tons of CVS info from you ladies.. I'm trying to learn from you girls I've yet to receive any ECB's.. I go to CVS for my makeup sometimes on clearance and my medicines... So I'm trying to follow your new ad posted today about possible deals! Had I not known the frugal chicks i would have paid $2 for that pack of pens I got FREE LOL... You also do lots of giveaways.. in which I have won and I cannot express how happy I am.. I can't believe how some things are going up especially gas so anything always helps. 

Why do I like to be frugal:
1. Excitement! When you go to that checkout and you have $50 worth of merchandise and its all on clearance and you already have so much stuff for so cheap and then you hand over those coupons and that total drops half off or more.. yeah I get a rush on that.. I'm smiling inside like oh yeah! The look on the cashier's face is always great...!

2. SAVINGS! With gas constantly creeping up lately I need to save as much as possible.. use to I didn't look to see if i had a coupon if an item was just "on sale" and not on clearance with a coupon... Now, I check the clearance and see if I have a coupon too.. to maximize my savings.. Some people ask why I have so much in my closet at certain times.. I'd rather stock up for free or pennies on a dollar then have to run out last minute no coupons no sales and pay full price.. i think i would die if i had to pay full price for anything... My motto has been no coupon or extreme clearance NO BUY.

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