Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Starbucks At Target nice little deal..

I mentioned a few weeks ago about the treat receipt program running this month at Starbucks.  Well the great news is that Starbucks kiosks inside Target stores have a similar promotion but it is actually a little better.
Just as a reminder- Starbucks stores nationwide are offering a stamp on your receipt.  If you purchase a beverage in the morning, you can come back after 2pm and get an iced drink for $2.00.
So it really is only a good deal if you want (2) drinks in the same day.
Now Target is running a similar promotion but their offer is a little better.  You purchase a beverage in the morning and get a stamp on your receipt.  That stamp is good for 14 days to come back and get an iced or hot drink for $2.00.
The catch is that you must only shop at Starbucks kiosks inside Target for both offers.  Personally I think it is much nicer to get 14 days to get your second drink instead of the same day.  I also like the option of getting hot orcold drinks.
So this is not advertised but it should be available at all Starbucks locationsinside Target.  You might call ahead to yours though just to be certain!

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