Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Works for Me Wednesday: Halloween Costume Themes for families

So Since my children were all born.. I have tried to have a Theme.. I thought I share some of our past Halloween photos. And share some more ideas for families.

 October 2009
Bee, Dragon Fly, and Ghost bee Keeper

( Made the bee and beekeeper) 
 October 2011

Wearwolf ( made the ghost and pants for wearwolf) and Ghost girl
 2004 Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, Lost Boy
Southern Belle, Union and Confederate Soldiers

October 2011
Alice and the Rabbit 
( I made Aidan's costume)

Here is some more family ideas from

  1. Freshly Completed even has the DIY tutorial to make The Incredibles costumes!
  2. Love this 80s power couple complete with baby mobile phone from Strawberry Chic
  3. That camping favourite can be found at the Disney Family Community
  4. They even sprayed their child’s hair green for this one! From
  5. This cute Pacman idea would work with one child or many. Via The Dating Divas
  6. Oh. So. Good. This one would include costume rental but it’s so adorable it’s worth it. Find this Where The Wild Things Are pic via Guest of a Guest
  7. This BLT found on is so sweet! You could always try out other food combos too :)
  8. Can’t go wrong with Star Wars. As this pic taken by Ashley Ann shows.

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