Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another fun deal from Embly!

Wow! Head on over to and log in with your Facebook account. Then, click on “Give” at the top to send your Facebook friends a FREE $10 credit to (among several other options)! And be sure to encourage them to send you one back! With the $10 credit, you can snag items for FREE or as low as $1 shipped if you also have a Shoprunner account! When you’re browsing around, just be sure to select the items that are Shoprunner eligible (when you click on an item, just look for the box towards the bottom right that will state “Shoprunner Shipping” if the item is indeed eligible). Otherwise, shipping is $5.99.
Here are a few ideas…
Philosophy High Gloss Lip Shine $10 (choose from several flavors/colors)
-Completely FREE after the $10 credit and FREE Shipping with Shoprunner!
The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash $11
-Just $1 Shipped after the $10 credit and FREE Shipping with Shoprunner!
There are many more sweet deals to be had, so browse around and let us know what you snag!

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