Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spooky Tasty Tuesday: Worm Burgers

Worm Burgers

Another fun food I have made for our annual  B.Y.O.P. 

Party.. Here is how to make your own worm burgers.

 What you need:

hamburger buns
BBQ sauce or ketchup 
any other condiments you prefer (we didn't use anything special)

The concept behind this, is that you cut each hot dog in half, length wise. then you cut those halves in half again length wise.

Boil them for a few minutes, they will curl on their own. Drain water.

Cover them in BBQ sauce or add ketchup to a frying pan and add cooked burgers to it, and get a warm yummy wormy look, and serve on hamburger buns. So easy.

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