Tuesday, November 6, 2012

CVS Magic Coupon Machine!

The CVS Coupon Center, a.k.a the magic coupon machine, is a little coupon happy this week!!  Folks are getting a ton of offers when they scan their card.
Here are some of the coupons it’s giving:
Good for One Week
$4 off $10 Nature Made Vitamins (exp 11/11)
Buy any Nestle Water get Powerbar FREE (exp 11/11)
$5 off New Optimal Solutions Vitamins( exp 11/11)
$5 off $25 Fragrance purchase (exp 11/11)
Good for Two Weeks
$2 off New Gillette Clear Gel (exp 11/18)
$1 off Secret Deodorant (exp 11/18)
$2 off Covergirl Lip Perfection Liners (exp 11/18)
Good for One Month
Get a Flu Shot today and receive a 20% off shopping pass (exp 12/02

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