Friday, November 23, 2012


Tonight at 9:59 Central Time, Amazon will have their Furby Orangutan as a Lightning Deal.This is regularly priced at $59 (yikes!), but earlier today another similar Furby when on sale for $45 as a Lightning Deal. I had no idea these things were so crazy expensive, but if they’re on your list it would be worth being ready a  few minutes early to get the deal!

Note: To get the “Lightning Deal” you’ll want to be at your computer when the sale becomes available. Many of these items sell FAST (especially the big ones that I post), so don’t miss it. To find the deal, click the link for the item above, and in the right sidebar (towards the top), you’ll see a message fromAmazon that says it’s currently a Lightning Deal price. Be sure to grab it and place it in your cart quickly to get that price. Hope that helps!

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