Friday, January 25, 2013

Frugal Chicks Give Back: Good Samaritan Spotlight,,

I had to share this new program that they are working on... My hubby is a Vet, and I use to care for many poor senior vets... they have a special place in my heart...

With this New Year, Good Samaritan Ministries is beginning a new era. As we have grown and as we look to the future, we see a need to reach out in ways that we have previously been unable with populations that have been hard to reach or otherwise neglected. Day after day we see military veterans in need of help, sometimes out of work, sometimes homeless, and sometimes working, but still struggling to support their families. And so we find our-selves with a deep desire to facilitate the beginning of a community-based training and employment program for our homeless and low-income military veterans, their spouses, and their children. Based on the highly success-ful model pioneered by the Delancey Street Foundation, the Veteran’s Assistance and Employment Alliance (VAEA) will focus on stabilizing program participants, as-sisting with their emergency needs, as well as offering job training opportunities and employment.

A characterizing trait of this program is its finan-cial self-sustainability. As many know, the profits made from the Heaven Sent Family Outlet are funneled directly back into Good Samaritan in order to support our ministry. Similarly, as a major component of VAEA, we plan to open four local businesses that will not only be run by, employ, and be used as training centers for program participants, but all profit made will be directed back into the program and used to fund the array of program functions.

At this point in time, there are still so many things to do and seemingly not enough time or money with which to do them. But we believe that with your help this program can bloom when the flowers of spring are blooming, and we can watch together as the program grows, watering and pruning it as needed until it can stand on its own. So, here are a few things we need at the moment:

Advisors willing to take part in an informal advisory council to help shape and guide the program,

A commercial building to be used for the auto detailing business, the first of the four businesses,

And monetary contributions to support the launch of VAEA.

If you would like to make a monetary donation or learn more about the program, visit If you would like to help or have any ques-tions, would like to be involved, or simply have comments, please email Bailey at or give us a call. Thank you and God bless!


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