Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Aidan!!!

This is Aidan. He's my "baby" who just turned
 9 years old. He loves Football.. so to celebrate we had a football party
during the playoffs!!
 Of course we did it as Frugal as we could ;)
Party Breakdown:
Food:  Giant Sub, Hot Wings with Ranch & BC,Chips, Salsa, and Texas Trash Dip, Chili, cupcakes, cake, and football cookies, glass rootbeer, carrotts & Celery, with two kinds of ranch:     $45                                                                                
Decorations: We made a  Field Goal Post, turf, and mini football field,football,etc : $6
Favors: Football bags ( Michaels) with mini football bouncy balls, penicls, twizzlers,etc. $12
Paper Products:  plates,napkins,cups, tablecloth, candles,cupcake liners, football toothpicks, and platters: $14
Total Cost: $77
Biggest Expense: Hot Wings and Root Beer ( his main requests) Were $25
Cheapest Expense: Football serving platters .. friend picked these up at a factory sale for pennies!! I also stocked up on all things football when they were marked down at Michael's last fall ;)


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