Wednesday, January 23, 2013

High Value Pulled Pork Coupon!

oscar mayer facebook coupon
A coupon for meat is always welcome! Oscar Mayer is hosting a high value coupon for Carving Board Pulled Pork on their Facebook page.
Here’s how to claim yours:
Head over to Oscar Mayer’s Facebook page
Click on “Take Me To The Pulled Pork”
Give a Taste-A-Monial for access to the coupon
When the program ends on 2/17, your coupon will be sent to you
The value of the coupon will be determined by how many people participate. It was up to $4.90 when I signed up, so let’s see how high we can get it!
For now, Oscar Mayer also has a $1 off printable coupon, if you need one today.

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