Thursday, March 21, 2013

Countdown to A Frugal Easter: Chalkboard Egg Pails

How to make Easter egg hunt buckets

Interactive (and personal) chalkboard hunting pails

The Easter egg hunt might be excitement enough, but add this personalised chalkboard pail for kids to collect their loot and things could become even more interesting on Easter Sunday. You can even make sure the kids can create their own touch on their buckets by drawing a unique design.

You’ll need:

  • Metal bucket – this one is from Spotlight
  • Chalkboard paint – go the water-based acrylic to ward off fumes and for super-quick drying time
  • Paintbrush
  • Liquid chalk or a thin white-ink pen
  • Also required: chalk; sticky laser-cut felt strips (from Spotlight)
Tools needed; adults can do the painting but feel free to let the kids do their own thing; get them off hunting with their egg-collecting pails.

How to make the Easter egg buckets:

1. Paint the outside of the bucket with chalkboard paint. Wait to dry. For older children, use the white-ink pen or liquid chalk to dot on an Eastery image (we went with a bunny). For younger children, just decorate the bottom with some sticky-backed laser-cut felt strips.
2. Have the child match up the dots to draw the picture. Young children can just scribble on their buckets.
3. Have the child write their name or write it for them. Then get hunting!
Thanks to Kids Spot for this idea...

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