Wednesday, March 27, 2013

HomeSchool Freebie Wednesday: Easter Lapbook

Go pick up this Free Easter Story Lapbook & Printables..
In it you will find:
  • Scripture copywork
  • Coloring pages
  • Memory verse cards
  • Lapbook
Each week I will post more scripture work and printables for Sunday School that can go with the lapbook.

My plan is to create the lapbook in our Sunday School classes.  Each week will cover two parts until Easter Sunday.  Below you will find pictures of the Lapbook completed and colored.

The Front of the Lapbook

The first pages when you open the Lapbook

Open the two flaps and you will get one large story page.

When you open each picture flap, there will be a bible verse and questions

Pocket for the Memory verse cards.  You can do one a week.
When you close the flaps and turn the page, it will go into a separate folder.
Here I placed a picture on the left and a Journal on the right.
You can see that I put hearts on Jesus hands.  I do this to teach younger children
that Jesus got hurt because He loves us.


You can double side print, so that the memory verse cards has lines to write on.


The Back of the Lapbook
I gave the option of two journals. One is for younger children and the other is for older children.
This one is for the younger children, where they draw a pcture and write a sentence with help.


This is for the older children.  This is for them to express their hearts and what God is teaching them.

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