Thursday, March 28, 2013

HOT! Nautral baby Skincare on de cheap

Wow! I have a *HOT* deal to share if you are interested in snagging natural baby skincare products on the cheap! Just head on over to the Babytime! by Episencial site and add this FREE Starter Pack to your cart, which includes 5 different products for you to try AND you’ll score an exclusive $5 off coupon code to use on your next order! Now add any other item you choose to your cart. Note that you will need to add another item in order for the coupon code I’m about to share to work. The lowest priced items are $9… choose from shampoo + body gel, bubble bath, or a product for face and lips!
Now head to checkout and use promo code HEALTHYBABYTIME which will take an additional $5 off your order AND score you FREE shipping! This means that you’ll pay just $4 shipped for the Starter Kit and $9 item. Sounds like a rockin’ deal to me for all natural baby care products! :D

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