Thursday, May 30, 2013

School's Out for Summer!!!

Here are some of the great teacher, classmate, and First Day of Summer gifts for all the folks in the life. In case some teachers read this blog.. I won't say the exact details, but I didn't spend more then $10 on each gift. 

Summer Fun Beach Bag
( Beach Bag, towel, scent portable, 
sunscreen, margarita glass, mini bqq sauce, K cup cold drink cup)

Nail Polish & File Gift Set for 
specials, aides, etc ...

 ( Various Nail polish and files)

Treat bag for Aidan's classmates

Teacher you are ON FIRE gift set 

(Apron, Various marinades, and bbq sauces, bbq towel, grill tools)

First Day of Summer Gift for my littles

Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and a nerf supersoaker ( I only paid $3.50 thanks to my nerf coupon and cartwheel coupon at Target) I printed the Summer Bucket list so they could
make there own.

Here is Aidan's..

I made a jar to put
spare change in for when the
ice cream truck comes by ;)

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