Thursday, June 20, 2013

Paparazzi Review & Giveaway!!.....

Every woman wants to feel glamorous whether you're 6 or 60, the desire to look beautiful is just embedded within us. Knowing that not all women can afford a life of luxury, Paparazzi created a jewelry line that is not only adorable, it's affordable too. 

It has never been more affordable to be fashionable.

Photo Credits: Paparazzi

*I received complimentary jewelry for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions*

Paparazzi Jewelry's mission is to change the way people look, how they feel, how they live, and their futures! Through their fashion forward accessories, Paparazzi truly believes that trendy jewelry can not only be available but affordable to women everywhere. Their passion is to inspire dreams, empower talents, and reach goals by sharing their products and the excitement. Paparazzi also brings women everywhere the opportunity to change their lives by changing their careers and encourages them to join the Paparazzi team! By far the best aspect of the Paparazzi Jewelry line is that everything, and I mean everything is just $5! Yep, that's right, $5!

I had the opportunity to work with Paparazzi Independent Consultant Jessica Waterman and to learn more about the accessories that Paparazzi offers!  Jessica generously gave me the opportunity to chose some accessories that thought would fit my personal style. Paparazzi offers everything from necklaces to hair accessories so to say I had a tough time choosing what I wanted to check out is an understatement! In the long run I ended up going with.. Just FYI if you have a 11 year old daughter in your home.. Be prepared for Ohhh Can I have that?

 I told her I loved teal.. She did good :)

I love this necklace ( and earrings)

She picked this gray flower ( I love gray!) and this cute ring!

I also wanted to share a few things.. On my Wish list!!

To Purchase: Visit Jessica's Site and go shopping today! Everything is only $5!!! 

To Book A Party:  Jessica is offering  anyone that books a party (home party, Facebook party, or basket party) an extra free item in addition to the normal hostess rewards which are 1 free accessory for hosting and 10% of the party sales towards more free accessories. The fun doesn't stop there, you can continue to earn free rewards much after the party. If anyone books a party through their party, they also get another free accessory. Also, if one of their guests signs up to become a consultant they get two free accessories. Just make sure you tell her you are a Frugal Chick Fan!

To Become an Independent Consultant: Create a new career in fun and sassy jewelry! Join Jessica's  team today and start feeling glamorous! Use this link to find out more information and to register! Make sure you contact her about the Super Awesome Special for the MONTH of JUNE only!!

To Win: Jessica Waterman is offering $15 worth of Paparazzi ( that's THREE pieces) to one of my lucky readers... To Win Just the Rafflecopter Below.

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Cynthia Pendleton said...

I love Paparazzi! If I weren't so busy, I'd sell it. lol

Cynthia Pendleton said...

I love Paparazzi! I went to a meeting with my cousin. I will sell it one day. :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a cute bracelet, some earrings, and something for my daughter. :)

Abbie said...

I love the cloth flowers! I'd pick necklaces, probably.

Abbie said...

I'd pick necklaces probably. I love the cloth flowers.

Yana said...

Love the turquoise pieces.Very reasonably priced.

Leslie said...

LOVE Paparazzi with Jessica! The jewelry is beautiful and there are so many pieces to choose from.

Lacey Norton said...

Wow this looks neat! I would love to have bracelets!

Brianna said...

I love the Cloth Flowers. They are too cute.

Candace Rhea said...

I would love to get a gold necklace!