Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Frugal Chick Katy's Tips for Back to School Clothes Shopping

School Fashions & Shopping for my kids

Well we start school early ( August 5 this year), so I don't do tons of shopping till next month for fall clothes for my kids..  They get one "new" outfit for the first day of school. I do start looking for really good deals.  I don't spend a ton of $ out of pocket on clothes for my kids. It's just not in our budget. I shop consignment sales, thrift stores, hand me downs from friends, and earn gift cards online via things like swagbucks, my points,etc.  I start by going through what we already have, I take what my kids have outgrown to stores like Little Hoot or Baby Boomerang for cash or store credit. I prefer cash because I have a fashionista diva daughter .. think goodness she doesn't grow  much. I also love all the Consignment sales that start this time of year. Look for my Tri-cities Fall Sales List soon!

Here is a list I use to "shop" for each season:

4-6 long sleeve tops/ shirts
2-5 teeshirts or short sleeve shirts
2-3 polo shirts for Aidan
3-5 hoodies
2-4 sweaters
2-4 pairs of slacks and/or skirts

4-5 pairs of jeans
2-3 dresses ( for my girl)
5-7 pairs of socks and/or leggings/tights
7-10 pairs of underwear
5-6  pajamas

Other items depending on season:
bathing suit
tennis shoes
Casual/Dress shoes
Flip flops/sandals/slip-on shoes
Rain coat
Wind breaker or fleece jacket
Winter coat
Rain boots
Snow boots
Gloves or mittens
Winter hat

Grace has to wear a white blouse and black dress pants for Orchestra, so I am always looking for a good deal on that. Aidan plays football, so I keep my eye out for cheap deals for that too! 

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