Sunday, July 7, 2013

What To Buy: July

Items you’ll find on clearance in July:
Graduation party supplies (consider purchasing now for a graduation next year)
4th of July party goods (napkins, table linens, blankets, party favors, etc) July 5th and later
4th of July apparel (after July 5th)
Spring gardening items
Items that will be on sale in July
A good time to buy in July:
ice cream
Back to school (end of month)
S’mores supplies
Cookout-barbecue supplies Condiments (ketchup, mustard, relish,  whip toppings, etc)
Hot dogs, hamburger meat  (4th of July sales – stock up & freeze)
4th of July clearance clothes starting July 5th for next year & tuck away (for kids buy 1 size up)
4th of July clearance for next year – things like Jell-o® molds, mini flags for cupcakes, napkins, plates, other party supplies etc
Here’s a list of what’s in season in July
Here’s a list of what’s in season in July:
summer squash, corn
green beans, string beans
eggplant, lettuce, apples
watermelon, plums
strawberries, kiwi
blueberries,  apricots
raspberries, radish, avocado
cantaloupe, asparagus
basil, beets, cherries, figs
grapefruits, lemons, kale
collards, cucumber, grapes
mustard, nectarines, okra
onion, passion Fruit, pears
Peaches, plums, spinach
potatoes, raspberries
squash, turnips

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