Friday, October 25, 2013

Dollar Store Decorating: Candy Cane Wreath

Candy Cane Dollar Tree Wreath from At The Picket Fence

Candy Cane Wreath from At The Picket Fence

With Only 60 Days till Christmas, and it's freezing outside.. I wanted to bring you some cute Dollar Store Ideas for Christmas while they supplies are still plenty!

one white Styrofoam wreath form
9-10 packs of Dollar Tree acrylic candy canes (depending on size of wreath form)
white or iridescent glitter (optional)
white craft glue
hot glue gun and low temp glue sticks (appropriate for using on Styrofoam)
Ribbon for hanging

This wreath couldn't have been easier! Begin by hot gluing your candy canes one at a time around your wreath.  Make sure that the ends are tight together, and ends of candy canes are right up against the opening of the wreath.  The tops of the candy canes will be farther apart then the bottom, and the first candy cane will rest on top of the next as seen in the picture below.
When you have all of the candy canes attached, if desired apply craft glue to outer edge and inner edge of wreath and sprinkle with glitter for a pretty finish!
Candy Cane Dollar Tree Wreath from At The Picket Fence
and hang in a fun place to show off your awesome new wreath! Make sure you go visit her blog for two more ideas!!

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