Thursday, November 21, 2013

2013 Holidays Shopping Guide: Great Gifts For a Frugal Chick

Great Gifts for a Frugal Chick

Top 10 gifts for the couponer.
Price: $90
Earn 2% Cash Back
(watch for deals, we will see this around $50 and then you can still get your cashback)

At the top of every couponer’s list should be a good printer.  My favorite printer for coupons has always been the Brother HL-2240.  It’s a laser printer that prints in black and white (which is all you need) and you rarely need to buy new ink.  We see some really awesome deals on these throughout the year too.  Be on the lookout for a deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or go ahead and buy now from Staples.
Top 10 gifts for the couponer!
Price: $22
Earn 3% Cash Back

In my opinion, the most efficient method for storing your coupons is theACCORDION FILE METHOD.  You store your whole coupon inserts in an accordion file or a file box.  Now you have all the coupons and are ready for the deal, but only spend the time cutting the coupons you need.
Price:  $110
Earn 3% Cash Back

One of my favorite tools for saving money is my FoodSaver vacuum sealer.  Sure, you got a great deal on some meat, but what good is it when it goes bad before you get a chance to use it because it wasn’t stored properly?  I use my FoodSaver every time our family grabs the ZAYCON FOOD DEAL.
crock pot
Price: $30
Earn 3% Cash Back

Another way for a couponer to save money is COOKING WITH A CROCK POT.  Plus, crock pots save you a lot of time and stress.
Price: $45
Earn 1.5% Cash Back

Some couponers are dead-set on shopping at Sam’s Club.  While you can get most deals cheaper at regular grocery stores, you can find some pretty good deals on meat and produce.  This could be a great gift if you know someone who’s been itching for a Sam’s Club membership.
Price: $20
Earn 3% Cash Back

By no means do I want you to buy a shelving unit so you can clear shelves and start your own grocery store in your home.  However, some folks simply don’t have the storage to stock up for 6 week sale cycles.  That’s where a shelving unit comes in handy.  Whether it goes in your pantry or in the garage, it can help any couponer get to the next sale cycle.
entertainment book

Price: $25
Earn 17.5% Cash Back has books filled with coupons to help you save money on more than just groceries.  These are a great gift idea for someone looking to save money.  You’ll find coupons for restaurants, local attractions, hotels, travel, groceries and more all for your area.
Price: $10 
Earn 3% Cash Back

The last thing a couponer wants is to take tons of time cutting coupons.  This gift wrap cutter helps you zip through pages.  It may seem a little silly to use a gift wrap cutter for your coupons, but it can be a life saver.
Price: $330
Earn 6% Cash Back

Just like with the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer, couponing doesn’t do much good if it goes bad before you use it!  When you get a deal on meat, you may need some extra space to store it.  That’s where the freezer comes in.

Price: $37
Earn 3% Cash Back

Even when you’re only stocking up for a 6 week sale cycle, you may need extra storage.  I know that some folks have a non-existent pantry and they need to get creative.  You can always buy some storage containers for under your bed.  I like this one because it’s on wheels (easy access) and you can label it with what’s in the box and easily change the label when you rotate what’s in it.
cansolidator pantry
Price: $26.24
Sometimes you can’t find cash back for everything on your list.  Another great tool at the top of my list for couponers is a SHELF RELIANCE CANSOLIDATOR.  You can even stack multiple 

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