Monday, November 4, 2013

Dollar Store Decorating: Acorn Frame & Cute Candle

This Cute Idea comes from 320 Sycamore .. check out her blog for more ideas!

First up, an acorn frame. We collected some acorns on a hike we took last month,acorn frame

I just picked up a dollar store frame, and hot glued them around the edge. I included a picture form the hike. I just want to kiss those cute faces.
From that same dollar tree, I grabbed some cinnamon sticks, and a vanilla candle.dollar tree cinnamon sticks

I cut the cinnamon sticks with my little garden pruner and hot glued them to the candle.cinnamon stick candle

That’s it.acorn frame white pumpkin


Sam_I_am said...

I really like the acorn frame. I should go out and fight the squirrels off of my oak tree!

Crickyloo said...

LOVE the frame!

Katie Mitchell said...

I LOVE the frame! I might do that.