Saturday, August 18, 2012

School Fashions & Shopping for my kids

Well we start school early, so I don't do tons of shopping till next month for fall clothes for my kids.. I do start looking for really good deals.  I don't spend a ton of $ out of pocket on clothes for my kids. It's just not in our budget. I shop consignment sales, thrift stores, hand me downs from friends, and earn gift cards online via things like swagbucks.  I start buy going through what we already have, I take what my kids have outgrown to stores like Little Hoot or Baby Boomerang for cash or store credit. I prefer cash because I have a fashionista diva daughter .. think goodness she doesn't grow out much.

Here is a list I use to "shop" for each season:

4-6 long sleeve tops/ shirts
2-5 teeshirts or short sleeve shirts
2-3 polo shirts for Aidan
3-5 hoodies
2-4 sweaters
2-4 pairs of slacks and/or skirts

4-5 pairs of jeans
2-3 dresses ( for my girl)
5-7 pairs of socks and/or leggings/tights
7-10 pairs of underwear

5-6  pajamas

Other items depending on season:
bathing suit
tennis shoes
Casual/Dress shoes
Flip flops/sandals/slip-on shoes
Rain coat
Wind breaker or fleece jacket
Winter coat
Rain boots
Snow boots
Gloves or mittens
Winter hat

Here is the trends for 2012! Just click the link for more information. 

1.  Finish your look with fancy footwear.
2. New styles for noggins- headbands, beanies, lots of glitter
3. These Boots were made for Walking
4.  Embrace Femininity
5.  Step out in sleepwear- (not sure I agree with this)
6.  Chunky Knits
7.  Accessories and Lots of them
8.  Lots of prints
9.  Jazz it up with Jeans- skinny jeans are still  in
10. Color, lots of color

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