Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Countdown to a Frugal Halloween: Last Minute Costume Ideas

I love Halloween, but this weather.. makes me not looking to forward to it tomorrow! So here is a list of ideas for those of you who waited to the last minute and forgot to get a costume...

1. Owl

All you need are some old T-shirts, fabric glue, and a few hours to make this easy owl costume by Ellen Luckett Baker from alphamom.com.
Complete How-To: Owl Costume 

2. Bat

Another creation of Ellen Luckett Baker for alphamom.com, these bat wings are simple to make using black felt and boning. The mask? It's as easy as printing out and pasting to a pair of sunglasses. 

3. Rubik's Cube

Design mom and blogger Gabrielle Blair recreation of the retro toy requires just a box and some construction paper, a quirky kid can impress friends as this infamous puzzler from yesteryear. 
Complete How-To: Rubik's Cube Costume 

4. Superheroes 

What child doesn't fantasize about flying through the air? Following Brooke Reynolds' lead, sweatpants or tights and a graphic felt cape become classic superhero paraphernalia.

5. Knight

With the pattern for a 1970s art smock, Merilee from Mer Mag sewed her little boys a pair of knight costumes with wonderful - and adorable- hand-drawn emblems worthy of King Arthur's court. Add sweats, boots, and the all-important plastic sword for an old-fashioned (and friendly!) sword fight.
Complete How-To: Knight Costume

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