Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Countdown to A Frugal Saint Patrick's Day: Day One

Every year our family Celebrates

The Luck of Irish with some family traditions..

We Build Leprechaun traps, he always leaves gold & lucky charms,
and have a Irish Dinner.. Here is how to build your own,
along with some photos of our fun traditions over the year.



We love making these.. I am planning this for a Spring Break Project.
Leprechaun traps.. how to make your own..



You can make a contraption with a net, boxes, a clean can, or anything else you can think of such as paper towel rolls, empty containers, tin foil, paper, string or yarn, sandwich bags, etc; or, how about using an old shoe since they are said to be cobblers. You have to be very creative to catch a Leprechaun.

Here are a few more tips and suggestions to help you get started:

•Rainbows are good to use on or around your trap.
•Color your trap green and decorate it with green items (stickers, glitter, etc)
•Leprechauns are also attracted to four leaf clovers.
•Leprechauns like Lucky Charms cereal!
•Make sure your trap is disguised well - make sure it blends into its surroundings.
•No two traps should be alike or the Leprechaun will get suspicious and leave.
•A Leprechaun will leave a trail of gold and/or green glitter, so watch for it!
Now, you should be ready to build your trap. I can't guarantee you will catch one of these little creatures, but you will sure have fun trying


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