Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Crafty Creative Wednesday 4th of July Rag Wreath

I put this little wreath together, super fast, and cheap.... So I had to share of course ;)

All you need is ..
(1) 16" Wire Wreath Form (Hobby Lobby-$2.99 And I used
a 40% off coupon)
(2) Yards Fabric
Scissors if so desired

Start by tearing the fabric into 1" X 6" strips!  I tore 6" strips first and then tore 
those strips down into 1" strips!  
You will want to "fray" these strips as you go!  You can get the kids involved in
the "tearing" and "fraying" part!  Kids love to be included in craft projects!  Begin your wreath by 
tying these strips onto the wire wreath form! Or you can cut them with your scissors if you rather have clean edges.

 Tie the first strip onto the two "outer" wires of the wreath form!  Tie the second
strip to the two "middle" wires and a third strip to the two "inner" wires of the
wreath form.   Continue around until you have the wire wreath from completely covered

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