Friday, October 18, 2013

Dollar Tree Decorating: Fall Leaf Wreath

is such a cute, creative and frugal idea :)

I found these big felt leaves from the dollar tree and knew I wanted to use them in a project.  I decided to use them for my new front door decor.  I just loved all the fun fall colors they came in.  I laid them out in a pattern I liked and got the rest of my supplies ready.
For this project you will need:
Felt leaves
a hanger
felt scraps
hot glue
a piece of burlap
brown paint
fabric stiffener
paint brush
vinyl, contact paper, stencils 

Working from the backside first, I hot glued the bottom 2 leaves to my hanger.  I wanted them to really stay put and hold so once I covered the hanger with hot glue, I covered it with a scrap piece of felt.  I did the same for both ends of the wreath.  Then I flipped it over and worked from the front side.
I just worked my way around the wreath, layering and hot glueing the leaves onto each other until I felt they were really attached.
Next I worked on the banner.  I drew about a 3 inch wide by 18 inch long semi arch for my banner onto my burlap and cut it out.  As you can see it isn't perfect, but hey it gives it character! ;)  I worked with my burlap for a minute or two to make sure I could create the look I was going for.  Then I covered my work surface with freezer paper.  You can use what ever you have on hand.  Wx paper and parchment paper would work too.  You just don't want the fabric stiffener sticking to anything.
Squeeze the fabric stiffener right on to the burlap and use a sponge brush to cover the entire surface.  While it is still wet, shape the burlap into your banner.  Hopefully the pictures will help you get an idea of how I did mine.  Using a pen and a book covered in freezer paper, I shaped the ends of my banner to look like they are "flying".  Then let the fabric stiffener dry.
I used my cricut and some contact paper to create my word WELCOME.  (You could use a stencil, vinyl or even free hand this part.)  I placed the letters on my banner and then used my dark brown acrylic paint and painted them.  Once it had dried, I positioned it onto the top of my wreath where I wanted it to go.
 Then I used hot glue to tack down the banner.  I also added a scrap of felt to the back of the banner where it crossed the hanger for added support.
Then it was ready to hang on my front door.

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