Sunday, December 29, 2013

Things I did in 2013, and Things I want to do in 2014...

I found this on Pintrest for last year.. but thought it be fun to do it for this year!

Bad Habit: Not taking my medicines correct, and not eating correct for my blood sugar issues.

New Skill: I like to learn to sew and change a flat tire. 

A Person I hope to be more like: I would like to find the willpower and desire to be healthy, of so many of the people around me. 

A Good Deed:  I want to fix some dinners for friends in times of need this year.

A Place to like to Visit : NYC And Biltmore Estates 

A Book like to read: The Supreme Macaroni Company, the newest book from my
favorite author

A Letter I am going to write: To forgive someone in my past.

A New Food to try: This is a hard one, I have tried a lot of new foods!!  I haven't ever ate middle eastern foods, and we have a restaurant
 right down the road. So That's my plan for 2014.

I'm going to do better at...  listening to others, Praying, spending quiet time with myself and God. 

Things I did in 2013, I have never done before,etc.

New Skill: How to pull a bow, and how to make earrings ;)

Food I tried: moonshine cake

Good Deed: I paid for a stranger's meal. 

I like to think I am better at forgiveness.

I tried to break my sweet tea habit, it's a lot better then it use to be ( I can go days without it now)

I had never stayed in a hotel inside Gatlinburg and I did that this year.  I also visited two new restaurants I had always wanted to try in Knoxville. Tupelo Honey and PF Changs! 

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